TSUDAKOMA was founded in 1909. Since then, as an innovator in the field of textile machinery and machine tool attachments, the company provided products in response to the needs of the times. TSUDAKOMA moves forward together with our customers.

TSUDAKOMA pursues and achieves easy- access operation and a work environment for anyone with accuracy, productivity, and efficiency such as no one has done before. It also prepare for individualized product lines for each customer and give detailed consideration for the environment. TSUDAKOMA believes in a sustainable world and the true strength of the company is cultivating quality, people, and technology created with different perspectives from around the world.

For textile machinery, TSUDAKOMA develops jet looms with the Weave Navigation® System. The Weave Navigation® System packs necessary weaving know-how built up over many years. We also create the IoT system to deliver the highest performance in the mill. TSUDAKOMA pursues the optimum weaving environment in various fields such as garment, industrial textile materials, and new materials.

For machine tool attachments, TSUDAKOMA provides a wide variety of NC rotary tables and machine vises ranging from small-scale to large-scale including our own original high performance drive system, the BallDrive® NC rotary table. From the perspective of the machining process, TSUDAKOMA develops products for various industries such as automobile, aircraft, and precision machineries up to heavy industries such as generators, shipbuilding, and plants.

In composite machinery, TSUDAKOMA is a leader by developing Japan’s first automated tape lay-up machine for carbon-fiber reinforced plastic and automated process equipment as well as robotic system integration support service. These are helpful in times of labor shortages. (TRI: TSUDAKOMA Robotic Integration)