With 50 years of specific experience in the textile sector, BRAZZOLI is globally recognized as the leading manufacturer of dyeing machines, with high technological content, for the treatment of fabrics in rope form.

At the company headquarters, located near Milan, the commercial, research and development, together with the post-sales and technical assistance departments are located as well as the productive unit.

In addition, there are various established agency organizations in the world that are specifically trained on the BRAZZOLI products. A constant synergistic relation with the users allows the BRAZZOLI Company to introduce extremely innovative applications on its own products.

Today BRAZZOLI in the respect of its tradition, and by concentrating its efforts in the research and development activity, is reaching inimitable results in the optimization of the industrial process of discontinue dyeing, by rendering the proposed products a technological reference for any textile company willing to win the world market challenge.

In the last years we have been witness of an incredible evolution of the dyeing machines which have undergone, in the exasperated search for a reduction of the liquor ratio and timing of the process, a radical change.

Company Brazzoli has always been at the forefront in developing new machines and new technologies that have allowed us, over the years, to get real performances that until a few years ago were unthinkable.

Once more, BRAZZOLI Company confirms its own policy addressed to the continuous innovation research in order to meet the more and more changeable and exigent market demand, by maintaining unchanged, however, the high quality of its own products as well as the prestige of its name.

The efforts of the Company are today addressed to the application of innovative solutions in order to obtain not only the reduction of the energetic consumptions but also the optimization of treatment cycles.

What above always keeping into consideration the end-user needs as well as the environmental safe.